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Over 4500 members signed up already


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You first receive a crazy welcome box to celebrate that you have become a member!

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There isn't one! No small print or hidden contacts! Not completely convinced yet? Then read on.

There isn't one! No small print and hidden contracts! Still not completely convinced? Then read on.
The DutBle Giftbox is a box full of crazy cool items from cool and new brands! The finest jewellery, best skincare and trendy accessories are selected on a basis of popular trends and quality. Every box is a surprise and the value is always at least €100!
Yes, it does! €9.95 per DutBle Giftbox (+ all of the awesome extra features you will get as Premium Blender of course) - including shipping! That's it!
Here at DutBle, we are not a fan of those. The DutBle Giftbox is a part of the DutBle Premium Blender Club, a monthly subscription. However, we do not deal in obligations. This means that you can stop your subscription at any given time (although that would break our hearts a little of course). But be aware! To qualify for the welcome box, you have to be a member for at least 1 month (Meaning the €5 + 1 x the monthly fee). An incredible deal, is it not?
You will receive the DutBle Box on your doorstep every three months!
Absolutely not! You only have to pay for the things that we send you! You can cancel at any time. No questions asked! We work on a monthly basis, meaning you can cancel every month.
Yes, it is! To welcome you to our Premium & Goodiebox Club you will receive your first box as welcome gift, you only pay €5 for shipping! Important: Be careful! To qualify for a welcome box, you must have been a member for at least a month (have paid the €5, and one month of standard fees). However, this month will count towards your next box! Great deal, right?
The welcome boxes are sent out once every month, at the start of every month. For example: If you became a Blender in September, you will get a welcome box sent to you around the tenth of October. Did you become a Blender in October, then you will receive your welcome box around the tenth of November, etc.

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